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At Fool’s Gold we believe that design and sustainability can, and should, exist in harmony. We are always learning more about ethical and sustainable materials, supply chains and business practices. It’s an opportunity to create the change we believe the world needs, and as we know better, we do better.

Made to Order / No Waste

In addition to making each item to order, which reduces waste throughout the entire supply chain, we’re committed to finding a use for each remnant from our studio, from community initiatives, to recycling or repurposing.

  • Producing items in a made-to-order model helps reduce waste and levels of excess stock. This saves raw materials, shipping pollution and packaging waste.
  • Certain pieces are created using our remnants.
  • We donate remnants to schools or other non-profits for educational purposes.
  • Any pieces that are unable to be revived or recycled are creatively repurposed in the studio for various applications.


We are committed to continually searching for better and more sustainable raw materials.

  • Most of our lucite remnants are made into recycled plastics.
  • Most of our jewelry shipping materials are recycled and recyclable as of March 2021. We are moving towards removing single-use plastics from our packaging for all shipped items.
  • While most of our items are designed and made in-house, any manufacturer we do work with shares these values.

Other Efforts

We believe a huge part of being an ethical business is giving back and supporting organizations that are doing crucial work. Here is where our donations currently go:

  • Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project
  • Planned Parenthood
  • The Trevor Project
  • American Civil Liberties Union