Fool’s Gold was born from a belief that design and sustainability can, and should, exist in harmony.

Made to Order / No Waste

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter on the planet. In addition to making each item to order, which reduces waste throughout the entire supply chain, we’re committed to finding a use for each remnant from our studio, from community initiatives, to recycling or repurposing.

  • Producing items in a made-to-order model helps reduce waste and levels of excess stock. This saves raw materials, shipping pollution and packaging waste.
  • Certain pieces are created using our remnants.
  • We donate remnants to schools or other non-profits for educational purposes.
  • Any pieces that are unable to be revived or recycled are creatively repurposed in the studio for various applications.

Slow Fashion

We believe in thoughtful design, from initial idea to when you hold it in your hands.

  • We strive to design pieces that are anything but disposable; unique items that you will want to wear for many years.
  • We encourage thoughtful purchasing.


We are committed to continually searching for better and more sustainable raw materials.

  • Our lucite is made in Italy from recycled plastics.
  • Our shipping materials are all recycled and recyclable as of March 2021.
  • While most of our items are designed and made in-house, any manufacturer we do work with shares these values.

Giving Back

Each year we partner with organizations and charities that are doing crucial work worldwide to promote human rights, sustainability and earth conservation. We are committed to doing good and being better.

We keep a close connection to every piece that we produce. Each product we create starts life in our downtown studio, which is an extension of our shop and showroom.

In our studio processes, we are constantly sourcing and researching new materials and are focused on improving as our resources grow. As much as possible, our boxes, packaging and printed materials are recycled or sustainably harvested.

As we grow our core values of transparency and ethical production will stay the same.